For many SMEs, in Europe or elsewhere, a lot of developments are not economically feasible without an access to cost effective engineering. We decided to change this by establishing a bridge between Swiss engineering and Malaysian technical skills.

With 30 years of global experience in engineering and machining, and over 12 years spent working in Malaysia and South East Asia, Olivier Broussoux and Sandro Guidetti are the people behind the creation of Elios.

Situated at the centre of South East Asia, Malaysia offer substantial competitive advantage over other Asian countries. English is commonly spoken, the industrial infrastructures are well developed with a complete range of services. Finished products, as well as semi-finished ones, are manufactured according to European and/or Japanese standards, resulting in a reliable quality at minimum cost.

Elios is a gateway to Asia for the Swiss and European companies looking for the economical advantages offered by this area, without the difficulties linked to communication, delivery, and quality.

Could it be for engineering, equipment design or part manufacturing, we are confident that by its innovative approach, Elios is a valuable provider for many aspects of your business. We invite you to challenge our capabilities and discover with us the extraordinary potential of Malaysia.